Follow up to my Sept. 2015 blog post: Driving with strangers while ridesharing….

In the time that has elapsed since my last post on the dangers of getting in a car with a total stranger see it here: more tragic events have been in the news. In Michigan an Uber driver named Dalton claimed that a “devil figure” on the Uber app was controlling him and driving him to kill on the days he committed the murders as stated by police. see the article here:
Michigan Uber Driver Pleads Guilty to Murdering Six People






Dz4mTmWWoAUBYJxIn another incident Actor and Comedian Terrence K Williams posted a picture of himself in the hospital with a neck brace on and said, “Hey guys! It’s hard typing this. I have fractured neck and back some spine issues. My lyft Driver almost flew off the bridge. I’ll be staying at the hospital for a few days!” see article here:



With more time to see that the ridesharing experience has its real pitfalls I would only use the service as a last resort and have a mace canister on hand at all times. My experience has been that they drive bad and tailgate while their looking at their phones and now the stories are out that they can actually be a mass murderer and we wouldn’t know it.

5 Star Students do more then pass their drive test

Here are some jubilant 5 Star Driver students who just passed the drivers test. Their new found freedom is the source of their joy. The beauty of completing the 5 Star Driver video program is that these young drivers are way over trained past the minimum requirements of the DMV drive test they just completed. A student of ours today emailed us to say that he is a new licensed driver. He thanked us for the “exemplary drivers training”. I responded congratulating him and asked him to grade how hard the drive test was. On a scale of 1 to 10, ten being the hardest. He responded a 1, only because the examiner smelled real bad. So once again the dumbed down 8 minute drive test showed this young driver that getting your license is not the only goal in this game.

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