Autonomous Vehicles Are Hitting Road Blocks – Literally

Tesla Model X driver dies in Mountain View crash –
If Self driving vehicles were suppose to come to the rescue in our modern day world where humans drive worse than ever the Autonomous Vehicle technology is accumulating it’s own death toll. This recent article states: A Tesla vehicle is at the center of another tragic crash, and the company is coming under renewed scrutiny over safety concerns as a result. The driver of a Model X has died after his electric SUV collided with a median barrier on Highway 101 in Mountain View, regardless of the causes, the crash highlights the uncertainties surrounding the safety of electric cars, especially as they introduce autonomous features.

It is my opinion that the amount of money being spent on developing self driving cars could be spent in real drivers training and education. Coupled with more serious fines and legal ramifications for the blatant law breaking so many drivers do on a daily basis, i.e. red light runners, non hands free cell phone users, tailgaters, speeders, etc… Here is an example of superior drivers training with one of our video lessons showing a new driver where to keep their attention while driving between a wall and a semi truck on the freeway, a common fear of many drivers.

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