Cullington Driving Concepts®

The 5 Star Driver program is based on the driving strategies of the Cullington Driving Concepts ®

cullington-logoThe Cullington Driving Concepts® are a superior driver training methodology created by John Cullington, the first Certified Driveologist® in the United States. Mr. Cullington has taught behind-the-wheel training for over 3 decades logging well over 50,000 hours of training. The Cullington Driving Concepts® are designed to teach both the student and their trainer, advanced driver training strategies. His book Empowering Parents to Teach Crash-Proof Driving explains how to quickly and safely transform a new driver into a competent 5 Star Driver without the yelling and screaming usually associated with driver training. The Creating a 5 Star Driver Beyond Drivers Ed® is a video program of actual driving lessons using the Cullington Driving Concepts® making these advanced driving strategies “crystal clear” to maximize the safety of the new driver. All lessons on these videos are taught by a Certified Driveologist®. Follow Mr. Cullington as he blogs on important driving related issues at