Frequently asked questions

Who can benefit from the Creating A Five Star Driver video series?

The beauty of this driver training program is it benefits any driver. It also is a big help to any driving mentor who is helping teach someone to drive.That can be a parent, grandparent, husband, friend or aunt and uncle. Whoever is going to spend the most time in the car with the driver putting in the hours of training to know how to say the proper things without yelling and stressing out. For the licensed drivers who need additional driver training these videos are ideal. They are of actual driving lessons covering A to Z when it comes to real driving. So whether you have had some traffic citations or been involved in accidents seeing the range of traffic information that is covered in the 5 Star Driver series will give you the information you may have forgotten or possibly never knew.

Our daughter got her drivers license but scares the heck out of us when we drive with her, can watching these videos improve her driving?

Definitely! Your daughter is not a 5 star driver and it is not her fault. The licensing system through the D.M.V. has been so relaxed over the years that many drivers are passing the “easy” drive test who are not safe to be on the road. The 5 Star Driver videos cover all aspects of driving. Some drivers get their license who have never driven on a freeway. Freeway driving is thoroughly covered as is say parking if this is an area of concern.

My elderly parent is showing signs of not being safe on the road, how will the 5 Star series help us?

This revolutionary program is based on wherever the driver is looking that is where they take the vehicle. A senior citizen many times is loosing their driving ability due to vision issues. The Cullington Driving Concepts™ displayed throughout the videos will retrain an elderly driver where to put their attention in all aspects of driving. This in turn puts their eyes up the road and not on the road resulting in a return to proper speed in all situations and better maneuverability while making turns and parking.

Does this drivers training fill the requirement for teenagers to get their drivers license?

No this superior training unfortunately isn’t a replacement for the 6 hours of behind the wheel training needed for a teenager to get their license in California. Most driving schools are not teaching real driving. A majority of the “cheap” driving schools do very little of the required elements with their students, couple that with the fact that most parents do not put in enough driving practice time with their teenagers. Remember in Calif. parents are suppose to do at least 50 hours of driving with their teenagers. These videos are to help make parents “parent driving instructors” so they are out practicing in heavy traffic, in the mountains and on the freeways with their young drivers.

What is your advise for hiring a driving school?

Be sure that your instructor has at least 10 years experience as a licensed driving instructor. Schedule the lessons so a parent can go in the back seat on your child’s driving lessons. This is the only way you can be sure the instructor will not pick up other students on your child’s lesson. It is called piggy backing and is frowned upon. Some horror stories are of instructors falling asleep, this would be avoided with a parent going on the lesson. If the school balks at the idea of a parent going along that is your sign to go elsewhere.

How long does it take to get through the video series?

Some subscribers join and need to improve only on specific parts of their driving and they subscribe for the three months. They watch and apply the lessons that cover what their weaknesses are and make the improvements they want and unsubscribe. Other members have a brand new diver who has never been out in traffic and they join the 6 month or a year long subscription to have plenty of time to go over all the lessons as their new driver progresses. It is a real luxury to have access to the videos for as long as it takes to make a new driver a safe and superior driver. Remember the lessons are designed to benefit the driver as well as any driving mentor to best teach the skill of driving. As an example let’s say prior to going out to work on U turns or getting on the freeway for the first time the new driver and their driving mentor can review that lesson and then together they immediately go apply the techniques.

My fleet drivers need recurrent training how effective is the 5 Star Driver series for my needs?

Many experienced drivers either never knew or have forgotten the laws of the road, as well as the correct way to do many maneuvers while driving. The 5 Star video series covers a huge amount of driving related issues, so while watching, the recurrent driver will learn the difference between say a double yellow line and a double double yellow line as well as how to make a right turn at a red light properly. With our recurrent training program the chapter lesson questionnaires allow the risk managers to track their drivers progress and will provide a completion certificate to our clients to keep on file.

Can I buy the suction cup mirror and magnetic student driver signs separately?

Absolutely, just go to our driver training tools page and load what you need in your cart and check out safely and securely.

How are your videos different then the driving lesson videos I can watch on You Tube?

Good question, the 5 Star Driver training videos are of actual driving lessons with people who had never driven or who needed recurrent training. They are full lessons of the required six hours for completion of drivers training here in the state of California. The first of its kind videos captured using five camera angles to show the real action in all types of traffic situations. The best part is the training concepts are derived from Master Driving Instructor John Cullington. The Cullington Driving Concepts™ were developed during thirty years of behind the wheel training of people ages 14 to 101. No other videos on You Tube or anywhere else can say that.

When the videos come up on screen the video controls toolbar is too low on my screen to use, how can I fix it?

While pressing the Ctrl key, tap the – key until the desired screen size is reached. If needed press the Ctrl key and tap the + key to reverse the action.