How to use 5 Star Driver

This Driver Training series is designed and set up in a way to show new and experienced drivers superior driving techniques and strategies from start to finish.

When teaching a new driver to drive there will be someone in their family that will be their ride along driving coach. For those coaches these videos show how a licensed driving instructor says the correct things at the proper time to have accelerated success. It will make your driving time a productive teaching session and not a yelling session. The most effective use of this program for the new driver is to start from the beginning Chapter1 Lesson1. As you and your driving coach move along in the series go out and apply what you see and learn. The Chapters are laid out as it would be if you were taking the required six hours of behind the wheel drivers training. So each lesson builds from the last and moves the driver at a nice pace to more and more challenging driving situations.

When teaching a new driver

For the experienced driver who is needing to impove their skills and knowledge on the road the videos cover all aspects of driving. For instance there are lessons on freeway driving. Everything is covered; entering the freeway, maneuvering on busy freeways, handling tailgaters, cruise control, exiting the freeway, all while teaching what the various lane markings and sign information is along the way. If an experienced driver received a citation or had an accident involving stop signs then they can go directly to the Stop Signs lesson. In that thourough lesson the driver will learn how to identify those intesections properly and what is required in each situation. If the experienced driver has multiple issues, say speeding and bad parking and lousy lane changes then the entire series would be beneficial. Remember this is a new way to teach driving. All of us learned the old way and it hasn't been a real success.

For the experienced driver

Throughout this program all drivers are trained in the Cullington Driving Concepts™. This makes them a thinking driver who is looking towards space and not objects in all situations which has them planning on where they will be in ten to fifteen seconds. There are many strategies to use while driving so we termed the phrase "STRATEDRIVE" which is a big part of the teachings in this revolutionary program. The pro's at Creating A Five Star Driver Beyond Drivers Ed™ teach our own loved ones to appreciate the air bags in their vehicles but to drive in such a way that they never need to be deployed. The CDC's are a superior driving methodology and this program will teach any driver to stratedrive and to be proactive instead of merely reactive in all driving situations.

Throughout this program all drivers are trained in the Cullington Driving Concepts™.

The best way to explain how to use is to watch the lessons from start to finish and apply what you learn as you go.