PDI Tools

Complete your driver training experience with these powerful tools

Parent Driving Instructor Mirror:

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Licensed Driving Instructors are required by law to have an instructors mirror for their safety, and so should you. The PDI Mirror attaches in seconds to any windshield utilizing three industrial grade suction cups and is easily transferred from vehicle to vehicle. Having a mirror on their side of the car will result in parents driving much more with their new drivers. The mirror will help immensely with lane changes, slowing down in traffic, merging onto freeways and backing out of parking places.

Magnetic Student Driver Signs:

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Help you and your new driver make the most out of practice time by letting drivers around you know that a Student Driver is at the wheel. People are naturally impatient in traffic but also just as understanding when they see that it is a rookie at the wheel. What’s more, our Student Driver signs can reduce the risk of having an accident before they even have their license.