The Driving School Industry Is Broken

CALIFORNIA, Aug. 20, 2015 A Leader in the Nation’s Driver Education Industry, Creating A 5 Star Driver Beyond Drivers Ed®( says that the driving school industry is broken. was developed to give families a way to make young 5 Star Drivers who can survive among low level drivers everywhere. New drivers may be able to pass the requirements of state driving tests however statistics show they lack the critical know how to drive safely. According to a 2008 Top 10 Leading Causes of Death in the United States report by the NHTSA automobile accidents are the leading cause of death for people ages 8-34. The driving schools and proficiency tests at Motor Vehicle Departments have miserably failed at putting trained and safe licensed drivers on our roads. How big is the problem? In 2011, about 2,650 teens in the United States aged 16–19 were killed and almost 292,000 were treated in emergency departments for injuries suffered in motor-vehicle crashes. That means that seven teens ages 16 to 19 died every day from motor vehicle injuries.
How can Creating A 5 Star Driver Beyond Drivers Ed® save lives? has the answer by putting important driver training methods in the hands of parents and their young drivers. By subscribing to the online video lessons or purchasing the 5 DVD box set @ parents and their children can watch and go apply the best and most effective training methods available. These lessons are a new and better way to teach driving by master driving instructor John Cullington and the superior Cullington Driving Concepts®. Parents and their young drivers need better teaching methods then what is “the norm” today because sadly cars are safer than ever but drivers are worse than ever before. That is why self-driving cars are in the news these days. Think about it, as a driver you are encountering an increasingly dangerous and thoughtless driving culture that maims and kills thousands every day. This will only worsen due to the negligent driver training and testing that too many people accept as sufficient. Parents cannot allow the cheap driving schools to be the so called “experts” tasked with teaching their children how to survive among so many less than 5 star drivers out there. The run of the mill low level driving schools, or parents who yell and scream while teaching the young drivers their bad habits are creating inferior drivers who are ill prepared to be true skilled drivers in all types of driving situations. The Department Of Motor Vehicle agencies play a huge part in the ignorant type of drivers being licensed to drive. The current drive test at most DMV’s average a total of ten minutes of driving. In some states like Florida and Arizona subscribers to our YouTube channel have commented that they never left the DMV parking lot and received a driver’s license. This is totally negligible and will continue as currently in California 3,000,000 non US citizens are lining up to get their license and are put through a Mickey Mouse drive test.
Many teenagers of today have extra challenges that inhibit the learning curve for being a safe driver. Our current generation has increased tunnel vision and limited multi-tasking abilities due to their sedentary lifestyle which sets them up for trouble. Many kids don’t even grow up riding a bicycle and then when they are put in a car with minimal training they often learn as they go after they get their license. This is a real backwards way to go about being safe. The video driver training program by is the first of its kind drivers training filmed on actual driving lessons with five in car digital cameras. Our hope is that people put no faith in our nation’s driver education industry and partner with 5 Star Driver to progress through this complete innovative program and make their children superior 5 Star Drivers. Our automobiles are tested for their crash survivability rating, 5 Star being the safest. We should all strive to make new drivers 5 Star rated as well.

The video lessons are available as an online subscription or in hard copy DVD’s.

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Teaching Teenagers How To Drive

When it comes to teaching teenagers how to drive two things make it difficult. Hire a teenager while they still know everything. Yea teenagers and young adults can be know it alls. Parents are not always the best teachers. Here are fine examples of these situations from the Creating A 5 Star Driver video training program. This new driver gets distracted by the conversation and rolls her stop. And then is a bit pretentious about it. Following will be another clip of the same new driver who rolls her stop again. This time she realizes it and admits that that is what her parents do.

Clip 1

Instructor: Left turn here.

Student: IT’S ONE WAY!

Instructor: AMAZING! Do you see how you find these things? You caught it. Pat yourself on the back. Complete stop. stop.

Student: I did complete stop. …

Instructor: Okay. Okay. Are you safe? Because they don’t have stop signs.

Clip 2

Student: Thanks. The roads were a little windy I guess.

Instructor: And right turn. Which is good.

Student: Yea.

Instructor: Did you ever stop?

Student: Uh, no.

Instructor: So you just blew right on through it just like mom and dad right?

Student: Yea.

Online Video Drivers Training

Drivers today pass a 10 minute drive test and do insanely dangerous things like what you are about see. Watching the video driver training lessons at are a super way to prepare young drivers to survive out there.

Many mistakes were made in that crash for sure! Please know that people are running dead red stop lights. 5 Star Driver has a lesson on traffic checking at intersections.

Instructor: Okay. Scan the intersection. Make sure no one is going to blast through it and kill you.

Student: Okay.

Instructor: If it saves your life one time is it worth it?

Student: Yea.

Host: In the last video, Mr. Cullington mentions that drivers will blast through and kill you at green lights. Here is a crash test video that shows the force of impact on these types of crashes.

Instructor: Good. I always check my mirror when go to brake. Green light. Good, here we go. Give me a little lookey and see if any one is being stupid. Good.. here we go.

Why 5 Star Driver Is The Best Online Drivers Education Program

5 Star Driver Is The Best Online Drivers Education Program because teenagers do not retain the important information when taking their Drivers Education program. Whether they take an online Drivers Ed course or participate in classroom instruction doesn’t seem to matter. They just want their instructional permit and unfortunately the way of modern day learning is to retain the information until tested on said information and then move on. This results in not internalizing the imperative knowledge. That wouldn’t have dangerous consequences when learning about say the French Revolution of 1789 to 1799 in high school. It is a whole different potentially deadly ramification when it comes to the right of way issues at an uncontrolled left turn at a major intersection.

The 5 Star Driver video training program shows real life drivers education on actual behind the wheel lessons. The visual aspect of what the written words mean taught in a traditional drivers education course come to life making the information impactful and memorable. In the Creating A 5 Star Driver Beyond Drivers Ed® on line subscription service all aspects of driving are shown with new drivers. They learn the real skill of defensive driving as well as the rules and laws while driving in neighborhoods, busy streets and intersections, highways, mountains, freeways and in hectic downtown areas.

An extra huge benefit to having a subscription @ is that parents can watch as well and learn how to have great success with their new drivers. Parents also learn the proper application of the rules to stay safe on the highways and byways and not just share the sloppy many times incorrect driving habits they have developed. A true win/win for young drivers and their parents, making more 5 Star Drivers out there.


Testimonial: Peter Walker A Father Wants The Best

Listen to this great tesimony from member Peter Walker. This is a father who takes driver education seriously for himself and wants the best for his daughter. Hear his testimony about how he came to find the 5 Star Driver program in order to teach his teenage daughter how to drive. Peter talks about how frustrating it can be to teach a teenager how to do something when they are already turned off by listening to their parents telling them how to do something. He is a great example of how a father can use this program to educate their children on how to drive safely.

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